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We Take Your Health Seriously.

Newborn Attendance

Dr Mohlabi attends Caesarean Section deliveries of newborn babies, emergency and elective, premature and full term. 

The paediatrician is an essential member of the delivery team. Their role is to attend to the newborn baby, conduct their very first health assessment and provide emergency assistance to the newborn when required. Occasionally babies are born with breathing difficulties and so on and therefore require to be resuscitated by the paediatrician. Dr Mohlabi also does the first checkups for babies born naturally.

Well Baby & Well Child Checkups

Young babies and children naturally go through rapid changes in the early months of their lives.

It is extremely important that this process proceeds seamlessly and optimally to ensure that the child grows and develops in the best way possible.  Your paediatrician is an invaluable partner on this important journey. They are there to assist you with the usual baby and young child niggles. They are there to monitor and to detect any problems that may have a negative impact on the normal growth and development of your child.

The Well-Baby Checkups are usually done at 6weeks, 3month, 6months, 9months, 1year, 18months, 2years and annually until age 5.  The checkups for babies born premature are individualized per patient, and parents are regularly updated on these.

Growth & Developmental Assessments

In addition to checking for and ruling out medical problems, Dr Mohlabi will pay close attention to your child’s physical growth and developmental milestones during the Well Baby and Well Child visits.

Advice on feeding, nutritional supplements where required, will be offered. Any concerns you may have about your child’s overall development will also be discussed and addressed with you.  Referrals for specialized assessments and interventions will be made for you.

General Paediatric Visits (Sick visits)

For those days when your little person is not feeling well, Dr Mohlabi’s rooms at Netcare Pinehaven Hospital may be contacted for an appointment. 

On all occasions we will try our utmost best to get your child the earliest possible time slot on our diary, preferably on the same day.

In-hospital Care

When your child’s health condition is such that your child has to stay in hospital Dr Mohlabi together with a team of nurses, physiotherapists and other allied professionals will help to get your little person back up on their feet again.  

Your child’s condition will be assessed on a daily basis until the day of discharge, and any follow-ups will be arranged with you.

Critical Care (Neonatal ICU)

Sometimes circumstances arise where a baby is born or has to be delivered before they are quite ready to be out of their mommy’s tummy.

These are our preemies, babies born before full term (37 -40 weeks).  They are our smallest and most vulnerable patients. Dr Mohlabi looks after these precious gems as well.  Whenever possible, he meets with the expectant parents to help them prepare prior to the birth of the premature baby.  It is never an easy journey for parents to navigate, and it is not a walk-in-the-park for the medical team either, but the pediatrician and the neonatal team ensure that the parents never find themselves alone.